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Escort experiences in Milan, Italy escort lesson

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Everyone is dreaming about Rome, about Fontana di Trevi, the place of so many engagements where everyone can express her or his pure love, the place of happiness, but I was always thinking different from the rest of the world, so I went there to try my luck as an escort girl first, and after I decided to go there with my partner too.

I was working with the best agency in Paris, London, and also Brussels, but they started a new tour location, Milan. They was always very kind with me, they sent me on tour in the best periods, so when they started the Milan tours, they asked me if I want to try myself with Italian people too. I accepted without thinking, I pre booked my hotel and flight ticket, everything was arranged for my trip.

It was my first time in Italy, I don’t know why, but I was never attracted to visit that country, but the beauties of it are a lot. I read few things about prostitution in Italy, and I found out it is legal, so escorting will be a simple job for me, I thought.

The big day came, I arrived in Italy, a taxi driver took me to my hotel, where in 2 hours I prepared myself for my Italian clients, I was pretty as always, I was smiling, I created a great ambient for having good sex, earn a lot of money and receive regular clients as well. So on my first day, I had two nice clients, in the rest of day, 4-5 clients/ day, I was very happy because of my performance, I had few hours for relaxing and to visit several places as well.

I visited places like Colonne din San Lorenzo, which is a beautiful Roman colony. Because I like to walk in parks, I was going to a walk each day at Sempione Park, which is the largest park in Milan. I am very curious girl, so I also visited the northeast part of the city the Montanelli Gardens, which was also an amazing place to see.

But what I wanted to tell you that because prostitution is legal, there are a lot of prostitutes in the city and the country. This is a great disadvantage for high class escort girls or porn star escorts, because they are not working for low rates, so the Russian girls, who are very beautiful young ladies takes advantages from this fact and they are working for low prices. Some of my clients told me about these girls and their rates, this is why I am so informed. I saw a lot of them in my hotel too, and sometimes I was wondering why my  clients cancelled the meeting with me…this is the reason why. He was seduced by those girls, they promised him high class experiences for lower rate, but real men know at what door to knock.

All in all, being an escort girl in Milan is not so simple, but if you are working hard, you can achieve your own regular clients, and after your work will be very simple.

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